Man of The Moment: Further Reading

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Published Editions

Man Of The Moment
Faber, 1990, ISBN 057115471
Man Of The Moment
Samuel French Ltd., 1991 ISBN 0573018332
Alan Ayckbourn: Plays 1
Faber, 1995, ISBN 0571176801


Paul Allen: A Pocket Guide to Alan Ayckbourn’s Plays
pp.120-127 (Faber & Faber, 2004, ISBN 0571214924)
Paul Allen: Alan Ayckbourn - Grinning at the Edge*
pp.236-240 (Methuen, 2001, ISBN 0413731200)
Michael Billington: Alan Ayckbourn (2nd Ed)*
pp.199-205 (Palgrave, 1990, ISBN 0333498976)
Bernard Dukore: Alan Ayckbourn*
pp.7, 52-54 (Garland Publishing, 1991, ISBN 082405759)
Michael Holt: Alan Ayckbourn*
pp.52-54 (Northcote House, 1999, ISBN 0746308590)
Albert E Kalson: Laughter In The Dark*
pp.133-140 (Associated University Presses, 1993, ISBN0838634796)
Albert-Reiner Glaap: Ayckbourn Country (2nd Ed)*
pp.116-121 (Wissenschaftlicher Verlag Trier, 2004, ISBN 3884766783)
Duncan Wu: Six Contemporary Playwrights*
pp.117-119, 151-151 (Macmillan, 1996, ISBN 033367086X)
* indicates out of print


There's No Place Like Home
Steve Pratt, Northern Echo, 8 June 1988
Inspired Moment
Jeannie Swales, Scarborough Evening News, 3 August 1988
New Mood Of The Man Of The Moment
Michael Billington, The Guardian, 8 August 1988
Play Makes A Big Splash
Jeannie Swales, Scarborough Evening News, 10 August 1988
It's Alan's Round
Valerie Grosvenor Myers, The Stage, 25 August 1988
A Cold Eye On The Thatcher Scene
Sunday Telegraph, 20 November 1988
Just Add Water
Michael Owen, Evening Standard, 12 January 1990
In At The Deep End Again
Peter Lewis, Sunday Times, 4 February 1990
Chronicler Looks Back In Comfort
Polly Toynbee, Western Mail, 6 February 1990
Just Between Ourselves
Philip Oakes, Telegraph Magazine, 10 February 1990
A Most Singular Playwright But Never Absurd
Stephen Webb, Evening Advertiser, 24 February 1990
A Daunting Duel Of Words With Ayckbourn
Fraser Massey, Western Daily Press, 24 February 1990
Alan Ayckbourn Is Still Going Strong
Liz Brain, Leicester Mercury, 18 July 2009 (online)
Alan Ayckbourn Interview
Giles Woodforde, Oxford Times, 23 July 2009 (online)
Talking Shop: Alan Ayckbourn
Fiona Pryor,, 30 July 2009 (online)

Reviews (World premiere)

Cruel Satire By The Swimming Pool
Michael Schmidt, Daily Telegraph, 12 August 1988
Man Of The Moment
Martin Hoyle, Financial Times, 15 August 1988
The Rewards Of Wickedness
Paul Arnott, The Independent, 15 August 1988
Play Set To Be Classic Success
David Jeffels, Northern Echo, 16 August 1988
Man Of The Moment
Martin Hoyle, Plays And Players, October 1988
A Witty Sideswipe At Media Fame
Jeannie Swales, Scarborough Evening News, 11 August 1988
Prolific Playwright Of The Moment
The Stage, 18 August 1988
Parks And Sparks
Quentin Letts, Sunday Telegraph, 28 August 1988
Man Of The Moment
Sunday Times, 14 August 1988
Portrait Of An Undervalued Hero
Jeremy Kingston, The Times, 17 August 1988
Comic Relief In The Darkness
Robert Beaumont, Yorkshire Evening Press, 12 August 1988

Reviews (London premiere)

Wet Wet Wet
Carl Miller, City Limits, 22 February 1990
Accepting Human Happiness
Michael Billington, Country Life, 22 February 1990
Another Splash Hit From The Master Of Miracles
Jack Tinker, Daily Mail, 15 February 1990
Ayckbourn Makes A Bigger Splash
Charles Osborne, Daily Telegraph, 16 February 1990
Tool For Scoundrels
Milton Shulman, Evening Standard, 15 February 1990
A Sin And Tonic
Michael Billington, The Guardian, 16 February 1990
The Meek And The Wild
Paul Taylor, The Independent, February 1990
Ayckbourn In Deep Water
Irving Wardle, Independent On Sunday, 18 February 1990
There's A Lot Of It About
Jenni Frazer, Jewish Chronicle, 23 March 1990
Man Of The Moment
The Listener, 22 February 1990
Guilt-Edge Joy Of A Suburban Saint
Kenneth Hurren, Mail On Sunday, 18 February 1990
Touching Nerves
Jim Hawkins, New Statesman, 2 March 1980
Purley-White Hero Goes Off To Sunny Spain
Michael Coveney, The Observer, 18 February 1990
Man Of The Moment
Gwyn Morgan, Plays And Players, April 1990
Dud Chekhov
Rhoda Koenig, Punch, 2 March 1990
Ayckbourn Is Man Of The Moment
Christopher Grier, The Scotsman, 17 February 1990
A Very Happy Man
Christopher Edwards, The Spectator, 24 February 1990
Trick Or Treat
Peter Hepple, The Stage, 22 February 1990
A Knight In A Fair Isle Jumper
Hugo Williams, Sunday Correspondent, 18 February 1990
The Unlucky Hero Who Is Far Too Happy
John Gross, Sunday Telegraph, 18 February 1990
Requiem Scored For Screams And Laughter
John Peter, Sunday Times, 18 February 1990
Life From Offstage
Benedict Nightingale, The Times, 15 February 1990
Bitter Fame
Hilary Hutcheon, Tribune, 23 February 1990
Light To Dark For Man Of The Moment
Matt Wolf, Wall Street Journal, 16 March 1990
Memorable Man, Marvellous Moments
Lydia Conway, What's On, 21 February 1990

Reviews (Revival, Royal & Derngate, Northampton, 2009)

Man Of The Moment
Charles Spencer, Daily Telegraph, 31 July 2009
Man Of The Moment
Michael Billington, The Guardian, 31 July 2009
Man Of The Moment
Giles Woodforde, Oxford Times, 5 August 2009
Man Of The Moment
David Jays, Sunday Times 9 August 2009
Man Of The Moment
Dominic Maxwell, The Times, 30 July 2009

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